Closer Francisco Rodriguez has lost his salary arbitration case with the Angels and will be paid $10 million dollars for the 2008 season.  K-Rod was asking for $12.5 milliong.  He has recently said that he doesn’t see himself being with the Angels after this season because if they really wanted him to be there longterm, they would have already signed him to a longterm contract.

Hopefully K-Rod will just go out there and play baseball for the Angels this season and be the player that he is capable of being.

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Post info: By GoHalos on February 22nd, 2008
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  1. Angelfan1961 Says:

    Bye Bye Frankie. 44+ saves or not you’re not all that great. I would have preferred to keep Kotchman and lose you in the deal. You have skills but your record is more of a condition of circumstance the talent. Troy P was a far better closer in his prime.

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